With pre-season testing now underway, familiar yourself with this year’s cars using the gallery below.

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New regulations for this season, designed to make the cars look more aggressive and faster for the season, mean the cars will now feature a new delta shaped front wing, much larger tyres, a sloped and wider rear wing and a larger and redesigned floor. Teams are also expected to reintroduce a shark fin to their cars.

So far this launch season, Sauber have introduced a gold trim to celebrate their 25 year anniversary in the sport, Renault have added more black to their livery whilst Force India has significantly more silver to it due to the newly painted shark fin. Mercedes meanwhile chose to shun the shark fin trend on their W08 car and have added a more flowing paint scheme to the car.

Toro Rosso, Haas and McLaren have both chosen to change their livery for the new season. McLaren-Honda have chosen to revert to their historic orange colour whilst Toro Rosso have been taking all the plaudits for their new livery, with some calling it the best looking car on the grid.

Ferrari have chosen to stay with their iconic red and have followed Mercedes’ lead in adopted a T-wing just in front of the rear wing. However, Ferrari have veered away from the Mercedes design by choosing to adopt a shark fin.

Williams and Red Bull have chosen to make very little changes to their cars except for the new aerodynamic changes brought in for this year.